How to become an OT technician? (ot technician course syllabus)

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How to become an OT technician?

There are very good employment opportunities for operation theater technicians in government and fast-growing private hospitals in the country. If you also want to know how to make a future in an OT technician after 12th, then you should definitely read this article. How to become an OT technician in this post? You will get all the information about it. So that you can make a successful career as an OT technician. In this article, we will discuss with you in detail about the OT Technician course, college and career scope in OT Technician.

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Surgery plays a very important role in the treatment of patients since ancient times many diseases are cured by surgery or operation. In an operation theater – doctors, nurses, and technicians work together. A successful operation is a joint effort of all of them. So along with the skills of doctors and nurses, the skills of technicians also matter. Therefore, the hospital needs a qualified and skilled OT technician. This course enables one to understand the skills and professional characteristics to become an OT technician.

Definition of OT technician

OT Teishian’s full name is operations developer Teishian. It is a course of paramedical. In the OT Tejician. You can also do OT Techian after East Otisian. ot technician

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Educational Qualification for OT Technician

  • 12th pass with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects.
  • Admission in government institutions is done on the basis of examination or merit of the 12th standard.

OT Technician Course Information

  • Diploma in OT Technician – 2 years
  • B.Sc. or Graduate in Technician – Duration 3 to 4 years
  • MSc Technician – 2 years
  • You can become an OT technician by studying courses etc.

What is it technician course

The main job of the operation technician is to help the doctor during the operation. He should follow his instructions. Additionally, he would have to look into many other tasks. They have to periodically clean the operation theater, prepare the operation theater, test all the equipment connected to the operation, oxygen cylinder and nitrous cylinder, suction machine. He watches all the work related to the operation theater.

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OT Technician Subject

The following are the topics under the three-year course of Operation Theater Technician

  • Anatomy
  • Ology physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Ical Clinical Biochemistry
  • Ology Microbiology
  • Ology ecology
  •  serology virology
  • clinical pathology
  • Hematology and blood banking management
  • Ath histopathology
  • Operation Theater Management and Ethics
  • Operation Theater Planning and Events
  • communication
  • Relation to personal development and relationships

After completing the course, do an internship in a good hospital, which will give you good practical knowledge in this field and you will get the job easily.

OT Technician Course Fee
  •  OT Technician Course fees are less in Government colleges.
  •  Private college fees diploma course – 50 thousand rupees per year.
  •  The fee of BSC OT Technician is 50 -70 thousand rupees per year.
  • OT Technician salary Rs 10,000 to 15,000 Experience grows on arrival.


  • NRI Medical College, Guntur
  • Tripura Institute of Paramedical Science, Tripura
  • Ganga Sheel School of Nursing, Bareilly
  • Tirthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad
  • Awadh Institute of Medical Technology, Lucknow
  • Balashree Institute of Paramedical Science, Jabalpur
  • Ira Medical College, Lucknow
  • Mahendragayatri Medical College, Bareilly
  • Sri Ramamurthy Medical College, Bareilly
  • Ruhelkhand Medical College, Bareilly
  • JSS Medical College, Mysore
  • Institute of Paramedical Technology, New Delhi
  • SGT University, Gurgaon
  • Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University, Vadodara
  • Anand Institute of Medical Science, Ludhiana
  • Shivalik Institute of Paramedical and Technology, Amritsar
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